The first visit lasts 75-90 minutes and focuses on understanding the problems, establishing a diagnosis, and collaboratively determining the best course of treatment.  The initial assessment provides timely and practical direction and education on potential treatments and their benefits.  It is extremely important to start down the right course of treatment in order to save time and money in the long run.


Follow-up visits for psychotherapy are usually 45-60 minutes in duration.  Individual and family psychotherapy can be crucial in the treatment of many mental health problems.  It can also be efficiently combined with medication treatment.


Follow-up visits for medication treatment are 20-30 minutes in duration.  Patients are usually seen monthly while we are adjusting medications.  Once the doses of medications are stable, these visits may be spaced out to every three months.  During treatment, I will work closely with your primary care physician and/or therapist so that care is well-integrated.


I also provide second opinions and treatment recommendations that can be carried out by other providers.


I have extensive experience working with courts on the issue of competency to stand trial.  I have provided forensic assessment and testimony on other civil and criminal issues most frequently in the area of autism spectrum disorders.  Attorneys should contact me directly to discuss potential cases.


I do not have contracts with managed care insurance companies because they often insist on only brief psychiatric assessment and 15 minute “med checks” which are too often insufficient for many patients. I also do not participate in Medicare or Medicaid.  This allows me to spend a greater amount of time with each and every patient.  This also may provide you an added level of confidentiality and control over private health information.

Payment by check or cash is expected at the appointment.  I will provide you with a detailed receipt listing all the diagnostic, service, and provider information.  This will allow you to file for out-of-network benefits and/or health savings account reimbursement if available.  Out-of-network deductibles and the amount reimbursed for these services vary widely by insurer.  Prior authorization is sometimes needed as well so please contact your insurance company to obtain this if needed.  I do not file insurance directly with the company, but will gladly answer your questions or direct you in this process.

Personalized, Confidential, and Accessible